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buy 5f-mn24 online is another concoction inquire about aggravate that is a simple to MN-24 frequently alluded to as NNEi. The compound recipe for 5F-MN-24 is C24H23FN2O. The IUPAC name is 1-?(5-?fluoropentyl)- ?N-?(naphthalen-?1-?yl)- ?1H-?indole-?3-?carboxamide and the sub-atomic mass is 374.500.

Nonetheless, since the compound is so new we should take a gander at the simple so as to become familiar with 5F-MN-24.

NNEi has an IUPAC name of N-(1-Naphthyl)- 1-pentyl-1H-indole-3-carboxamide. The sub-atomic recipe is C24H24N2O with a normal mass of 356.460205 Da and a monoisotopic mass of 356.188873 Da.

Research on NNEi was directed by ACD/Labs’ and ChemAxon. Properties that were anticipated by ACD/Labs indicated 3 #H bond acceptors, 6 #Freely turning bonds, list of refraction at 1.616 with a surface pressure of 43.6±7.0 dyne/cm, a blaze purpose of 252.7.0±21.2 °C and a breaking point of 494.3±18.0 °C at 760 mmHg.

Properties that were anticipated by ChemAxon incorporated a topology examination, which indicated a molecule tally of 51, security tally of 54, cyclomatic number of 4, chain iota check of 8, chain security tally of 9, lopsided particle tally of 0, and rotatable security tally of 6. Under geometry, the volume is 338.90 Å3, negligible projection region of 53.86 Å3 and the maximal projection territory was 121.79 Å3.

NNEi is a crystalline strong with a solidness of 2 years when put away appropriately at – 20 degrees Celsius.

5F-MN-24 and NNEi are right now delegated research mixes. This implies they are not proposed for human or creature utilization and ought to be utilized in controlled settings for logical or criminological research examines.

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