buy 5f-pb22 online ,5F-PB-22 or 5-Fluoro PB-22 is a research chemical of the Cannabinoid family. This interesting chemical is derivative of the cannabinoid PB-22, the difference being the fluorine atom at the terminal carbon of the pentyl chain. PB-22 is an analogue of the common cannabinoid JWH-018, however, the napthaline group from JWH-018 has been replaced with an 8-hydroxyquinoline group. 5F-PB-22 is a very novel cannabinoid with unique properties for cannabinoid research.


5F-PB-22 can be used to further research the in vitro (outside living organism) efficacy it has upon the cannabinoid receptors. based on the parent compounds relatedness to the JWH series of cannabinoid, it would be fair to assume that 5F-PB-22 bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptors, possibly as a full agonist also. However, binding affinity and efficacy is yet to be fully determined in vitro.

buy 5f-pb22 online 5F-PB-22 may be used by chemical catalogue companies to analyse it using NMR, GC/MS, FTIR or HPLC. This analysis can be used by toxicology and forensic scientists as a reference for comparison. Chemists may also use 5F-PB-22 as primary reagent for their specific studies.Buy 5F-PB-22 Online

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buy 5f-pb22 online  is also known as 5f-pb-22,, 5-fluoro PB-22, 5-fluoro acts as a designer drug belongs to canabinoid class.5-fluoro PB-22 is a derivative of PB-22, having a fluorine atom at the terminal carbon of the pentyl chain. The toxicological properties and physiological of this compound are not known yet. This product is intended for forensic and research applications,not for human used.Buy 5F-PB-22 Online

PB-22F or 5F-PB-22 smoking

When smoked or vaporized, this substance produces effects in humans and animals similar to those of THC, a cannabinoid naturally present in cannabis.

PB-22F or 5F-PB-22 Dosage

The precise lethal dosage of this substance is unknown yet. It is thought to be extremely variable and unpredictable between individuals.

PB-22F or 5F-PB-22 experience(effects)

Behavioral pharmacology studies show that JWH-018 has activity in animals similar to that of Δ9-THC but with higher affinity and efficacy than Δ9-THC, suggesting that it

  1. Chemical name: quinolin-8-yl 1-pentyl-1H-indole-3-carboxylate
  2. Chemical name: quinolin-8-yl 1-(5-fluoropentyl)-1H-indole-3-carboxylate

would have the same effects as Δ9-THC in vivo. Based on structure activity relationship studies, PB-22 and 5F-PB-22 are expected to have similar effects.There are no published studies on the safety of PB-22 or 5F-PB-22 for human use.

.PB-22F or 5F-PB-22 review

Product is a cream vanilla light brown, very powdery. More potent than AKB48(current noid used). Strong resemblance of 5F-UR-144’s dissociative qualities. More head high than UR-144, but there appears to be a lot of cb2/indica type effects. It’s pretty god damn head high like the crazy as 5F-UR-144 and I got a little panicky. It’s short acting, stoning with the crazy “spice high”. This does the job. So in that am2201 head high realm compared to akb48 and ur-144 lacking that. And PB22 has not been tested yet either.

There is a lot of cb2 effects noted, after having a 14 hour day working, Will get very high there for a minute, not too long really. the delirium on 5F-UR-144 lasts

This comes from a cannabinoid tolerant user, rarely gets anxiety from cannabis, experienced with the latest ‘noids, etc.

5F-PB-22 vs PB-22

PB-22 and 5F-PB-22 are two synthetic cannabinoids on the designer drug market. Both PB-22 and 5F-PB-22 have been found laced on plant material and marketed under the guise of herbal incense products. PB-22 and 5F-PB-22 are likely to share effects with two schedule I substances also encountered laced on plant material, JWH-018 and AM2201. In response to State and Federal control of JWH-018 and other synthetic cannabinoids, a transition to new synthetic cannabinoids laced on plant material has been us

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